Delete negative reviews on jameda - We help you

The problem:

More and more frequently, we notice that our clients are unjustifiably rated negatively on jameda. The reasons for such unjustified evaluations are complex. If you have noticed a negative evaluation about you or your practice on the internet portal jameda, we will be happy to help you review this negative evaluation and, if necessary, have it deleted.

According to the current legal situation, doctors and dentists must allow themselves to be rated on jameda (BGH, judgement of 23.09.2014 - VI ZR 358/13). According to current case law, doctors also have no right to complete deletion of the jameda entry.

Anonymous evaluation by third parties is also permissible according to current case law. Such anonymous evaluation is even desired.

However, this circumstance is abused by some people to publish unobjective and false facts on jameda in the context of a negative review.

The solution:

In this context, it should be pointed out as a precaution that in principle not every negative evaluation can be deleted. However, if false factual claims are made, i.e. incorrectness in content, the doctor or dentist can take action against this incorrect evaluation in terms of content.

Action can also be taken against a rating if it is unobjective and insulting.

There are therefore numerous ways to have negative reviews deleted from jameda.

It is also strongly advised against taking action against a negative jameda review without the help of a lawyer.

There is already a differentiated case law that determines how to proceed in the case of a negative review against jameda. In order to successfully proceed against jameda, it is therefore advisable to contact a specialised lawyer who will help you represent your interests. Due to our many years of experience and numerous successful designs in this area, we are able to assist you in representing your interests.

We have already successfully advised and represented numerous doctors and were able to achieve the deletion of numerous negative reviews on jameda.

Therefore, if you notice an unjustified negative evaluation for you or your practice, please feel free to contact us by E-mail or contact us by telephone on 0202-9422900.


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