Networked for your success

We understand how important it is to be networked when providing legal advice in order to ensure the success of our clients. For this reason, we have an extensive network with many specialists. Thanks to our network, we can also offer you the best possible advice in all areas of business and law outside of our own specialization. We only concentrate on what we are really good at, and for everything else we work together with our partners.

Our partners

Cooperation has proved particularly successful in the following areas:

  • We work hand in hand with patent attorneys and partner law firms to provide you with comprehensive legal solutions.
  • Our cooperation with tax consultants and auditors guarantees you an optimal examination of your financial and tax challenges.
  • We cooperate closely with renowned universities and technical colleges to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of science and research.
  • By working together with credit institutions, banks and credit brokers, we can find optimal financing solutions for you.
  • Our partnerships with funding companies and financial investors make it easier for you to access financial resources.
  • We are proud of our connections to associations and stakeholders who provide us with extensive insight and support.
  • Our close relationship with chambers of industry and commerce enables us to utilize industry-specific expertise.
  • Together with notary's offices, we ensure that your contractual requirements are met.

Our memberships

In addition, our lawyers are members of various organizations and working groups in the legal field, including

We are proud of our diverse memberships and the cooperation with our partners to provide you with the best possible legal advice.