eCommerce seal

Create trust

With the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal, you can demonstrate the seriousness of your own company to potential customers. With our seal, you show your customers that the general terms and conditions (GTC), the cancellation policy and the imprint used in your online shop comply with the legal requirements. All legal texts are created by our specialist lawyers and are constantly checked for their compliance with the law.

Increase turnover

Buyers are afraid of dubious sellers on the internet. If customers do not consider an online shop to be reputable, they do not buy there or cancel purchase transactions. By using our eCommerce seal, you build trust with your customers. You also prove through our seal that your company and your online shop are constantly supervised by lawyers. This creates trust in your online shop, in your company and thus also increases the likelihood of purchases.

By seal at a fixed price

You receive our seal for a fixed price, regardless of the turnover in the online shop. This seal is linked to a landing page on our homepage. This landing page confirms to your customers that you are entitled to use our seal.

Prerequisites for the awarding of the seal

A prerequisite for the award of the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal is that you have in your online shop

  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC) that comply with the law,
  • a proper cancellation policy,
  • use an imprint that complies with the legal requirements,
  • all legal texts were prepared by lawyers of GoldbergUllrich Rechtsanwälte,
  • you have ordered the update service of GoldbergUllrich Rechtsanwälte for your legal texts and all legal texts are therefore constantly updated and therefore correspond to the current legal situation at all times.

If you are interested in our GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal, please contact us.

We will be happy to provide you with an offer, explain the scope of our activities and the benefits for your company.