Seal for associations

The GoldbergUllrich Seal for Associations is awarded by our firm to non-profit organizations, associations, sports clubs and societies. The prerequisite for the award of the seal is the successful audit of an Internet site. The certification is intended to reduce the liability risk for the responsible persons, most of whom act on a voluntary basis.

Prerequisite for the examination of the websites:

1. the non-profit organisations, associations, sports clubs or clubs are members of the corresponding umbrella organisations (Municipal Sports Associations, Gymnastics and Sports Associations LBS, etc.). These umbrella organisations have each concluded a framework agreement with us for the auditing of their members' websites. Numerous associations and club organisations have already concluded corresponding agreements. Therefore, please first enquire with the association responsible for your organisation.

2. the umbrella organisation responsible for the non-profit organisation, association, sports club or club forwards the request to us after checking membership and non-profit status. Please note that the request will only be made within the framework of the existing agreement with the umbrella organisation.

Procedure and scope of the examination:

Depending on the existing agreement, the examination is generally carried out as follows:

1. the internet presence under the given URL is checked by GoldbergUllrich Rechtsanwälte:

  • All information according to TMG (including imprint)
  • All information according to RStV
  • Technical and legal procedure of newsletters - including test order
  • Compliance with the separation requirement

2. the audited organisation receives an audit report by email after the audit and implements the requirements within four weeks at the latest.

3. the non-profit association/organisation receives a general information sheet for the design and maintenance of the website, also with regard to the handling of third-party rights, integration of photographs and dealing with warnings.

4. the organisation / association informs us of the implementation of the audit report by email.

5 GoldbergUllrich Rechtsanwälte finally check the site again for compliance with the audit points listed under 1 and in the audit report.

If the inspection does not result in any further objections, the audited association is entitled and obliged to use the seal of approval transmitted to it on the "Imprint" or "Provider Identification" page within four weeks at the latest and to link it as required.

Not included in the examination are:

Internet shops, booking systems for events or sports facilities, general terms and conditions, raffles and their conditions of participation, press law content and its admissibility, statutes of the associations, retrievable documents, in particular for the establishment of memberships, appeals for donations, donation receipts, contact forms together with data protection declarations, General data protection information, examination of copyrights, in particular photographs, directions, maps and other media, periodic re-examinations, the actual details of the association (association registration number, VAT identification numbers, addresses, names and their correct spelling, telephone and e-mail addresses, details of corporation tax exemption, etc.).).