Technically tested

The GoldbergUllrich seal TECHNICALLY TESTED is only awarded to companies whose store systems can meet all legal requirements.

Legally compliant online shop

The GoldbergUllrich TECHNICALLY TESTED seal offers you the opportunity to prove the seriousness of your own company to your potential customers. With the GoldbergUllrich TECHNICALLY TESTED seal, you can prove to your customers that the online shop system you use has the necessary technical requirements to fulfil all legal requirements in the online shop. In this way, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and build trust with potential customers by using the GoldbergUllrich TECHNICALLY TESTED seal.

Many online shop systems already lack the technical prerequisites to be able to meet all the legal requirements that today's legal situation places on online shop operators.

Seal for tested online shop systems

The GoldbergUllrich seal TECHNICALLY TESTED is only awarded to online shop systems which, due to their technical requirements, enable an online trader to implement all the legal requirements that the laws, regulations and jurisdiction place on online shop operators.

Comprehensive test catalogue for the seal

Using a comprehensive test catalogue with numerous individual criteria, we check whether an online shop system fulfils the technical requirements that the current legal situation places on the operation of a legally compliant online shop. The GoldbergUllrich seal TECHNICALLY TESTED guarantees that the online shop system of the tested online merchant fulfils the technical requirements for operating a legally compliant online shop and meets high standards of user-friendliness.

Due to the permanent and ongoing review of the audited online shop system, it is ensured that new legal requirements for an online shop system are also implemented immediately.

The online shop system tested in each case meets the following test criteria in particular:

  • Transparent ordering process, high usability and easy handling of the shop system for online traders and customers
  • Complete and transparent presentation of all legally required information and details (including comprehensive product descriptions, product prices, shipping costs and shipping information, additional costs, payment information, delivery times, delivery areas, sales and marketing restrictions, general terms and conditions, data protection notice/data protection declaration, right of withdrawal, provider identification/imprint).
  • EU-compliant design of the technical processes for the use of the shop system on the European markets
  • Protection of personal data due to a technically mature data security concept
  • Possibility of integrating the shop system into the existing IT environment of the online shop operator (through ERP connection) and the end customer (via OCI)
  • Numerous other criteria, which are defined individually for each system to be tested

The audited online shop system is subjected to regular follow-up checks by the law firm GoldbergUllrich Rechtsanwälte to ensure permanent compliance with the audit criteria.

Each tested and certified shop system receives its own test documentation, which can be accessed via the tested system.

GoldbergUllrich eCommerce Seal

In addition, legal verification should be performed by the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce Seal.

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