Received a warning letter for file sharing? Find out what to do

The flood of file sharing warnings due to copyright infringements and file sharing continues unabated. Many people are unexpectedly confronted with warnings from lawyers without any knowledge of file sharing. In such cases, it is important to contact an experienced copyright lawyer within the set deadlines.

Why should you react?

There is advice circulating on the Internet not to respond to warning letters. However, this can have serious consequences. A specialized lawyer can legally assess the situation and take appropriate measures to protect your interests. Otherwise, you could face further legal action and additional costs.

Have the warning checked

Warned parties often feel overwhelmed by the warning and make statements or payments without checking the legal situation. It is important to understand that the claims listed in warning letters are not always accurate and correct. A thorough legal examination by a specialized lawyer is essential before you make any statements or payments.

Why is an audit important?

Pre-formulated cease-and-desist declarations are often too far-reaching or contain excessive contractual penalties. In addition, many of the allegations in cease-and-desist letters are not legally correct. An experienced lawyer can help you to deal with the warning letter appropriately and avoid unnecessary costs.


If you receive a warning letter due to file sharing or copyright infringement, it is advisable to consult a specialist lawyer immediately. Professional advice can help you to clarify the situation and avoid legal consequences. Avoid not reacting to the warning letter or hastily submitting cease-and-desist declarations. Competent out-of-court advice can prevent the high costs of legal proceedings.

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