Frequencies made available for ultra-wideband technology

The Federal Network Agency has made the frequencies for ultra-wideband technology (UWB) in the frequency range 30 MHz - 10.6 GHz available to the market since 16.01.2008 in a general allocation. This means that anyone can use the frequencies free of charge and without an application, provided the provisions of the general allocation are complied with.

The UWB technology enables extremely broadband radio transmission paths, which allow short distances (up to a few metres) to be bridged by means of extremely low radiated power. This is ideal for coverage within a room or even smaller flats, offices or workshops. In addition, the coverage of the interior of vehicles is a typical area of application.

Instead of cumbersome cabling, a wireless connection can be realised in the area of hi-fi, audio, video as well as IT components, e.g. printers, hard disks, monitors, scanners, keyboards and mice, with the help of UWB frequencies. The USB interface, which is widely used in information technology, can thus be realised on a purely wireless basis.

Further applications are conceivable in the commercial and industrial sector. For example, the frequencies can be used for data transmissions in medical applications, in measurement technology, location and surveillance technology, as well as for the entire range of applications that could not be realised until now due to insufficient bandwidth.

With regard to the width of the allocated spectrum, this frequency allocation breaks new ground. The frequency usage regulations are therefore complex and provide for the use of modern techniques to take into account the protection of other radio services. The Federal Network Agency will intensively monitor the effects of UWB use in order to modify the operational and technical parameters for UWB technology if necessary.

With the frequency allocation, the Federal Network Agency follows its obligation to implement a corresponding decision of the European Commission (Decision of the European Commission on the authorisation of harmonised spectrum use for ultra-wideband devices in the Community of 21 February 2007). The decision of the Federal Network Agency is now available on its website.

Source: Press release of the Federal Network Agency of 16.01.2008, Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway Press Office, Tulpenfeld 4,53113 Bonn,

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