105.000,00 € fine against hospital for data protection violations

The State Commissioner for Data Protection and Rhineland-Palatinate (LfDI) has imposed a final fine of € 105,000 on a hospital in Rhineland-Palatinate a legally binding fine in the amount of € 105,000.00.

What had happened?

The sanctioned hospital in Rhineland-Palatinate like many other hospitals, operates a patient data management system. During the admission of patients, there was repeatedly a mix-up of patients in the hospital's computer system. This mix-up was apparently the consequence of technical and organisational deficits in the hospital's in patient management.

The mix-up of patients led to the issuing of of false invoices.

What was the decision of the LfDI Rhineland-Palatinate?

The LfDI Rhineland-Palatinate investigated the matter and found technical and organisational deficits in the hospital's patient management. in patient management.

In the course of the investigations, the hospital efforts to sustainably develop and improve data protection management. improve.

Taking into account the violation and the credible of the hospital, the LfDI Rhineland-Palatinate set a fine of € 105,000.00. fine in the amount of € 105,000.00.

The penalty notice is final.

Source: Press release of the LfDI Rhineland-Palatinate of 03.12.2019


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