facebook, Google+ and Co: Imprint required

facebook, google+ and other social networking portals are currently one of the fastest growing areas in the IT world. In addition to considerable legal problems, in particular data protection problems, these products certainly hold interesting, new and very attractive possibilities for the targeted presentation of companies, organisations and products as well as for customer acquisition.

Please note, however, that the presentations on facebook, google+ and other social networking platforms are subject to the same regulations as the usual Internet presence.
In particular, a provider identification (imprint) must be provided on every website. At the moment, some warning agents have discovered a new field of business and are warning companies, freelancers, associations and all other institutions. A new wave of warning letters is just beginning! According to a decision of the LG Aschaffenburgs (judgement of 19.08.2011, Az.: 2 HK O 54/11) a simple link from the appearance for example on facebook to the imprint of the company homepage is NOT sufficient.

Facebook has not yet created a technical possibility to insert the provider identification in the pages of the social network portal in a legally secure way. So far, we have only been able to find and test a few providers who can provide a corresponding application (app) with which the required information can be entered into the Facebook site in an editable form. You can find an example at http://www.portunity.de/s/1W .

We urgently recommend that you check your appearances on the social networking platforms, in particular on facebook, and supplement them with the required information.
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