Federal Network Agency cracks down again on telephone spam

The Federal Network Agency is once again taking action in a particularly drastic case of telephone spam. Last week, it ordered the disconnection of (0)137 numbers listed below because of telephone number spam and prohibited billing and collection for calls to these numbers. This protects consumers who have made a call to a number advertised by spam and allows them not to pay the charges for this. Ultimately, the spammer will then also not receive any payouts for the provoked calls. Matthias Kurth, President of the Federal Network Agency, explains: "This is the most effective way to make this form of abusive number use economically unattractive and thus ultimately to curb spam.

Consumers received a call advertising one of the (0)137 numbers listed below. During these calls, consumers were promised profits in the form of free electricity. In order to receive the promised prize, those called were supposed to call one of the numbers provided. Consumers were also told that the call was coming from their local electricity supplier. When the caller called back the number, they were promised a prize of a free three-year electricity supply. Before winning, the customer was supposed to enter the number of his electricity meter via the keypad. The caller was also told that repeated participation would increase the chances of winning.

The following numbers are affected by the order of the Federal Network Agency: (0)137 770 8030, (0)137 770 8050, (0)137 770 8060, (0)137 710 7102, (0)137 710 7104, (0)137 710 7105, (0)137 799 6020. Further measures are in preparation.

The exact periods for which the ban on billing and collection will apply can be found shortly in the list of measures of the Federal Network Agency on the Internet under the link "Telephone number abuse - Spam - Dialer". Consumers affected by such calls can contact the Federal Network Agency by telephone at +49 291 9955-206, by e-mail at rufnummernmissbrauch@bnetza.de or by post at the following addresses.

Federal Network Agency
Nördeltstr. 5 â?¨
59872 Meschede


Federal Network Agency
Schütt 13
67433 Neustadt

Source: Press release of the Federal Network Agency of 29.04.2008, Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway Press Office, Tulpenfeld 4,53113 Bonn, www.bundesnetzagentur.de

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