97/20 Solingen-Liefert.de

Seal for the non-commercial platform Solingen.liefert.de.

The online information platform at www.solingen-liefert.de fulfils the test criteria of the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal.

The non-commercial platform aims to provide citizens with secured and free information about deliveries of goods and services from stationary retail shops in times of the Corona pandemic. The project is supported and promoted by:

the Solingen Economic Development Agency
the advertising associations of the Klingenstadt
the Initiativkreis Solingen
the city marketing Solingen
and the city service urban development planning Solingen

The site fulfils all the requirements of the seal with regard to its information obligations, the data protection information and the technical structure. This does not apply to the platform's links to the Solingen companies' own websites. The respective operators of the websites are responsible for these.

The site is maintained non-commercially by

Rocket Apes GmbH
Pützgasse 8
42719 Solingen

Represented by
Deniz Balnak

Phone: +49 (0) 212 - 38 37 84 49
E-mail: info@solingen-liefert.de

Register entry
Entry in the commercial register.
Register court: Local court Essen
Register number: HRB 25175

Sales tax ID
Sales tax identification number
according to §27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz
DE 293 512 436

and is therefore entitled to use the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal within its online shop.

The test criteria are continuously developed and monitored by our specialist lawyers.

For more information about the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce Seal and the test criteria, please click HERE.