591/09 Siepmann GmbH

The Siepmann GmbH online shop at www.siepmann.net fulfils the test criteria of the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal.


Siepmann GmbH
Wittener country road 19
D-58313 Herdecke
Tel.: 02330 / 97 95 95
Fax: 02330 / 97 95 50
Web: www.siepmann.net
VAT ID: DE126878009
Managing directors: Magdalene Hülsberg, Wibke Hülsberg, Andrea Materna
Registered at the district court of Hagen, register no.: HRB 5079

is therefore entitled to use the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal within its online shop.

The test criteria are continuously developed and monitored by our specialist lawyers.

For more information about the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce Seal and the test criteria, please contact HERE.