Data security and confidentiality

Secure connection and trustworthy communication

Our website guarantees a secure connection with TLS encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to transmitted data.

E-mail communication

Unencrypted e-mails harbour risks such as misdirection and unauthorized access.

To ensure trustworthy communication, we use encryption programs based on two data keys. Our public keys are exclusively available to our clients (m/f/d). On request, we also use qualified electronic signatures to increase the security of your e-mail communication.

We only send unencrypted e-mails on express request.

Download your documents

If you do not use or prefer email encryption, we offer the option of downloading documents securely from our server. We will provide a download link and password in separate emails on request so that you can obtain your documents securely from our server.

General data security

Our IT systems and security measures are always state of the art in order to protect your data. Our employees are continuously trained in data protection and data security to ensure the best possible protection of your data.