Why you need to check your advertising legally

Do you as a company carry out advertising measures, sweepstakes or bonus programs? Do you have the conditions of participation and other documents for the advertising measure checked by specialized lawyers beforehand?


Then for the weekend, I recommend the Netflix series "Pepsi, Where's My Jet?"

This series shows very nicely what can happen if you don't think through an advertising measure legally from start to finish.

And this is exactly our job.

I frequently find that companies "recycle" "old terms and conditions" from past advertising campaigns and use them for new advertising campaigns. However, the content of these terms and conditions often does not match the new advertising campaign.

In some cases, no conditions of participation are used and/or there is a lack of clear rules on the course of the advertising measure.

In some cases, the advertising statements in the various advertising documents/media are contradictory.

As a result of these and numerous other errors that can occur in the context of advertising measures, an advertising measure can quickly "backfire" and become "anti-advertising" for the company. Among other things, you may be threatened with warnings, injunctions, actions for an injunction and the termination of the advertising measure.

For this reason, I recommend that you have every advertising measure legally reviewed.

Because remember, preventing a problem by consulting a lawyer is less stressful and less expensive than having a problem solved by a lawyer.

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