Tenancy Law and German Condominium Act

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This field of law has been one of our core competences for many years.

We have long advised and represented

  • commercial und private landlords
  • renting and leasing companies
  • management companies
  • homeowners’ associations and their administrators
  • private and commercial tenants and lessees of all types of properties

in the field of

  • the law concerning tenancies of domestic premises
  • the law concerning tenancies of commercial premises and leasehold law,
  • the German Condominium Act,
  • the law applicable to estate agents and the law concerning the respective interests of neighbours
  • property law

Our daily tasks include drafting contracts, including the finalisation and negotiation of property sale and purchase agreements, as well as a large number of cases dealing with the legal assertion of claims resulting from tenancies, leases and proprietorships, especially the collection of rental and incidental claims, including the planning and enforcement of rent increases and housing benefit.

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