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The simple term "medical law” includes a variety of very different areas of law, which are partly interlinked. In order to ensure competent counselling and legal representation of patients, insured persons and care providers the lawyer specialising in the area of medical law must have a high degree of expertise.

With the help of our cooperation partner Rechtsanwalt  Dirk Möller we offer you professional counselling and legal representation in the following areas of medical law:

  1. laws on medical-treatment, particularly
    • civil liability,
    • criminial liability,
  2. laws on private and statutory health insurance, particularly
    • contracted-physician law and contracted-dentist law, as well as
    • main features of the nursing-care insurance,
  3. professional law governing the healthcare professions, particularly
    • medical-profession law,
    • professional law of other healthcare professions,
    • accreditation law
    • granting and revocation of licenses to practise medicine
  4. contract law and partnership law of the healthcare professions, including contract drafting
  5. takeover of medical practices and legal succession
  6. law of compensation regarding the healthcare professions,
  7. hospital law including requirement planning, financing and head-physician contract law,
  8. pharmaceutical law and medical-devices law,
  9. pharmacy law,

Rechtsanwalt Dirk Möller is specialist in medical law and member in the study groups "Rechtsanwälte im Medizinrecht e. V. " and Medizinrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein.

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