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- Mr. Alexander Goldberg is a lawyer in our partnership specialising in Information Technology Law (IT Law).

- Mr. Michael Ulrich is a lawyer in our partnership specialising in
Master of Laws/LL.M. (Information Law) .

We are certified IT laywer. 

You cannot divide Information Law or Information Technology Law into the traditional fields of “Civil Law, Public Law and Criminal Law“. Information Law/Information Technology Law is a classic subject that covers the full legal spectrum and therefore requires the ability to combine knowledge from different fields of law, detect similar structures and pick up on new legal developments. Therefore, Information Law/Information Technology Law refers to all legal issues arising from the use of electronic media. Information Law deals with all areas ranging from providing the infrastructure for transferring information, the various information services and the contents transported by them to the economic use of the internet and other media. Information Law/Information Technology Law therefore especially covers the following legal issues:

  • Trademark Law and Domain Law
  • copyrights in the field of information technologies
  • Competition Law with regard to information technologies
  • Press and Media Libel Law with regard to information technologies
  • IT Contract Law, including drafting individual contracts and General Terms and Conditions (“online“ and “offline“), legal consultancy and support with regard to large hardware and software projects, the development, drafting and support of licence and distributorship models
  • law relating to electronic business transactions (e- and m-commerce), including the law on internet auctions
  • Data Protection Law and Data Security Law
  • Criminal Law with regard to information technologies (IT Criminal Law), including youth media protection and file sharing (internet sharing networks)
  • Telecommunications Law and Telemedia Law
  • Public Procurement Law regarding information technologies, including e-governments
  • Antitrust Law with regard to information technologies (nationally and Europe-wide)
  • Legal advice and support with regard to IT outsourcing projects
  • Law on authorship of information
  • Oversight Law, including Media Oversight Law
  • Gambling Law with regard to information technologies

As certified IT lawyers we advise and represent our clients nationally and internationally in all cases relating to Information Technology Law (IT Law).

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