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Mr. Alexander Goldberg is a lawyer in our partnership specialising in industrial property rights. He is a certified IP lawyer.

Intellectual property rights is an all-encompassing generic term for the Law on the Prevention of Unfair Trading practices(competition law) and the Act Against Restraints of Competition, the so-called Antitrust Law.

The competition law is intended to regulate competition between market participants and promote free competition for tender.

Intellectual property rights include

  • Copyright law and related proprietary rights
  • Privilege as to one’s own image
  • Patented designs (designs and models)
  • Patents (registration and defence)
  • Utility models
  • Plant breeder rights (new varieties of plants)
  • Semiconductor protection or protection of topographies
  • Trademarks (registration and defence)
  • Business names (business trademarks and titles to works)
  • Geographical indications of origin on goods
  • Rights to a name
  • Trade secrets
  • Industrial property and copyright protection according to competition law

We advise and represent you nationally and internationally in all cases relating to industrial property rights, copyright and media law.

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