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In addition to our other specialities, general civil law is one of our core activities. Aside from our consulting work, it also includes the judicial assertion or dismissal of claims, especially in the following fields:

  • collection
  • traffic accident law, including the settlement of accident damage
  • compensation for pain and suffering and entitlement to damages, including liability for animals
  • drafting contracts
  • checking contracts
  • insurance law

Where the specialised field of health care law is concerned, we are able to establish contacts with lawyers specialising in health care law if desired.

In the case of public law, we are especially active in the following areas:

  • public building law
  • building planning law
  • building regulations
  • trade licences and refusal
  • disqualification from driving
  • examination and admissions law with regard to universities, polytechnics and schools
  • advising schools, universities and polytechnics in the field of data protection and access to new media
  • police law and regulative law
  • telecommunications law and law governing telecommunications lines
  • law concerning market access control

In the case of criminal law, our activities are limited to the following areas:

  • criminal law relating to information technology
  • law regarding fiscal offences
  • road traffic law
  • administrative penal legislation

In all other fields of criminal law we have been cooperating with lawyers specialising in criminal law for many years.

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