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- Mr. Walther Goldberg is a lawyer in our partnership specialising in mediation and arbitration for building issues according to SoBau

The term building law describes the sum of all legal norms relating to construction.
Normally a distinction is made between
private building law and the law governing architects

  • property ownership and the law concerning neighbours and interests of adjoining owners,
  • law concerning contracts for work and services
  • law concerning service contracts
  • special law governing architects (e.g.: Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI); copyright

public building law,

  • construction planning law - the norms which regulate the development of property; in Germany (e.g.: Federal Building Code [BauGB])
  • building regulations - the norms which regulate the detailed specifications for individual construction projects, such as, for example, safety and design regulations

We advise and represent our clients in all cases relating to building law and the law governing architects nationally and internationally.
It’s a fact that one can never rule out the possibility of disputes arising during construction projects, but legal conflicts are time-consuming and expensive for all parties. Our main objective is to avoid conflicts between parties as far as possible.

A key factor in ensuring this is the early participation of specialised lawyers during the planning phase of a construction project.
With a sound knowledge base, we offer support in an advisory capacity during all stages of a building project up to its successful completion, from financing and the contractual layout to settling disputes concerning matters relating to the award of contracts, accounting and warranties.

The sooner we get involved, the sooner we are able to spot the potential for conflicts and prevent or solve them.

If legal conflicts are inevitable, we want to contribute to a long-lasting solution at all levels.

With the mediation and arbitration procedure for building issues according to SoBau (SOBau), an effective instrument has been created which offers all parties an alternative to judicial proceedings and facilitates fast and professional solutions with the help of competent and professional mediators.

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