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Cross-cutting issue that requires knowledge and experience

Copyright law and media law are areas of law that require special theoretical knowledge, practical experience and specialised knowledge in procedural and litigation law. Based on these existing qualifications, our lawyers and specialist lawyers advise you on all questions of national and international copyright and media law.

Copyright and media law encompasses numerous individual areas of law including the associated constitutional and European law references. It includes, among other things, general copyright law, general media law, the law of collecting societies (e.g. GEMA), the law of neighbouring rights, copyright contract law and the area of international copyright agreements. Furthermore, it includes publishing law and, in particular, music publishing law, the law of public word and image reporting, broadcasting law and title protection law. Copyright and media law also includes the law of media and teleservices, telecommunications law, the law of entertainment and cultural events and the area of German and European cultural promotion.

Our activities for you:

Our lawyers and specialist lawyers are active for you in copyright and media law, in particular in the following areas of law:

  • Copyright law (advice on all questions of copyright law, including file sharing, unauthorised copying of images, texts, etc.)
  • Enforcement of copyright claims (warning letters, interim injunctions, legal proceedings)
  • Defence against unjustified claims (defence against copyright warnings/assistance with copyright warnings, representation in all out-of-court proceedings and in court proceedings)
  • Press law / law of statements (inter alia, advising and assisting publishing houses, broadcasters, companies, institutions and private individuals in all matters of statement and press law, including the initiation of the necessary measures, inter alia, assertion of claims for injunctive relief, counterstatement, revocation and damages, defence against unjustified claims).
  • Review of reporting on radio, television, internet and in the press
  • Advice on all questions of general personal rights
  • Protection and assertion of neighbouring rights
  • Law of collecting societies (e.g. GEMA, VG Wort, etc.)
  • Title protection and media-related trademark protection (application, enforcement and defence of protected rights)
  • Design law
  • Visual arts law
  • Architectural law
  • Merchandising and advertising law
  • Publishing law
  • Musician Contract Law
  • Film and television contract law
  • Labour law for media companies
  • Entertainment and cultural events law
  • Law of German and European Cultural Promotion - Broadcasting Law
  • Media services, teleservices and telecommunications law

We advise and represent you nationwide and internationally in all matters of copyright and media law.

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