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Have you already had experience with a competition law warning, a cease-and-desist declaration, an injunction or a lawsuit? Our lawyers and specialist lawyers will help you in competition law in any of these situations.

Which areas of law belong to competition law?

In German law, competition law comprises the Unfair Competition Act (UWG) and the Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB). Competition law aims to ensure undistorted competition and to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions.

With us, your competitors stick to the rules

We prosecute anti-competitive behaviour by competitors and rivals on your behalf. With warnings, interim injunctions and court proceedings, we ensure that your competitors and market rivals do not gain any anti-competitive advantages.

We protect your company from warning letters

Warning letters under competition law, injunctions and legal proceedings can often be avoided by advising on competition law in the run-up to a measure. We therefore advise you in advance of a planned marketing measure, product launches, competitions or other actions relevant under competition law. We develop solutions and strategies for you on how to avoid warnings under competition law. By judiciously balancing risks and efficient advertising, we help you to act in a way that is permissible under competition law.

We help you

If you have received a warning, a contractual penalty, an injunction or a lawsuit, we will help you make the right decision in each of these situations. We show you the alternative courses of action and their consequences. We then coordinate the defence strategy with you and implement it for you.

Your lawyers in competition law

In the course of a dispute, we act for our clients nationwide in all extrajudicial and judicial stages of proceedings, in particular in the case of warning letters, interim injunctions and lawsuits.

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