155/15 NBB-Nordenham Workwear & Technical Trade

The online shop at shop.nbb-technischer-handel.de fulfils the test criteria of the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal.

The company

NBB-Nordenham Workwear & Technical Trade

Owner: André Glaese
Neptune Street 6
26954 Nordenham
Phone: 04731 / 93760
Fax: 04731 / 22304
E-Mail: info@nbb-technischer-handel.de
Internet: www.nbb-technischer-handel.de

Legal form: Sole proprietorship
Owner: André Glaese
Sales tax ID: DE240774197

is therefore entitled to use the GoldbergUllrich eCommerce seal within its online shop.

The test criteria are continuously developed and monitored by our specialist lawyers.

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