Firm Overview

We are a law firm specialising in general civil law with offices in Wuppertal and Solingen. Our firm has also been made up of family members for generations.

In addition to offering our clients comprehensive advisory and legal services, we especially deal with the following:

We serve our clients nationally and internationally.
All the partners in our firm represent our clients before all local, regional and higher regional courts throughout Germany.
Furthermore, for decades we have built up our own network of locally certified lawyers who act as agents, in order to represent our clients nationwide in all legal proceedings at all instances at a fair price.

Tax Law:

As a large number of clients also require a special assessment of the facts with regard to tax issues, we are in permanent contact with a number of auditors, tax consultants and certified accountants.

These connections have proved especially valuable in cases where clients had not previously used the services of a tax consultant.

Notaries’ offices:

We are in permanent close contact with a number of experienced notaries and notaries’ offices to ensure the timely certification of all legal transactions and declarations requiring certification.

Memberships and advanced training:

We are also members of the following organisations:
Study group specialising in the legal aspects of information technology (DAVIT)
Study group specialising in the legal aspects of information technology – Rhein/Ruhr area
Study group specialising in mediation of building law cases
Düsseldorf LL.M. network for graduate students of information law
Study group specialising in building and architectural law (ARGE-Baurecht)
Association of lawyers of Wuppertal
Association of German Lawyers (DAV)
German Association for Industrial Property Rights and Copyright (GRUR)
Bar Association of DÜSSELDORF
Federal Bar Association

All partners and members of staff participate in advanced training courses several times a year.

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